Site Maintenance – Comments and Readability

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Today, I have made a few minor usability and readability changes to the site, based on user feedback. Commenting – I have gotten reports that user have left comments and they had not been approved.  When I look in Discus, I am not seeing anything pending, which appears to be somehow related to when I moved this site to its … Read More

Using a PowerBlock with a Raspberry Pi

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One of the early design goals that I had for the bartop arcade cabinet was that it needed to be as user-friendly as possible.  To a person using the cabinet, the actual inner workings should be both hidden and non-intrusive.  With a Raspberry Pi, the largest obstacle in the way of that is that in order to power off the … Read More

Sample Output from Focus Attack SCAN.DL VGA Scanline Generator (Updated)

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When I had put together the Adding a Scanline Generator article, a little over a week ago, I had hoped on quickly capturing some sample output.  While already having a capable HDMI capture solution in place for my day-to-day needs, capturing 800×600 VESA output proved a bit more difficult, and required an additional upscaler to get usable captures.  Capturing the upscaled and … Read More

Bartop Cabinet Audio Options

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As I have been refining my expectations for this project, I recently evaluated my audio options for my bartop cabinet.  Having gone through a few different configurations, I found that there were various pros and cons to each setup that I tried.  Even as recently as this week, my plans for how I will deliver audio has changed, yet again. … Read More