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Today, I have made a few minor usability and readability changes to the site, based on user feedback.

  • Commenting – I have gotten reports that user have left comments and they had not been approved.  When I look in Discus, I am not seeing anything pending, which appears to be somehow related to when I moved this site to its own domain.  To mitigate this, I have migrated to a different commenting system, which should work more reliably.  Have tested it, and all appears to be working.  Not completely happy with how it all looks, but I will address that as time allows.
  • Font Colors – The original font color, while readable on my own display, is not highly readable on smaller devices.  The new font color is simply a darker shade, which shows up much more favorably on smaller devices and at lower resolutions.
  • Miscellaneous Changes – Heading sizes have been adjusted to be more consistent, primarily when dealing with the leading heading of an article.  Article icons to the left of the titles have been removed, as they serve no purpose.  Social sharing toolbar has been also added as a floating set of buttons, so that they do not get lost under the article.  More tweaking to follow on that.

Please feel free to try out the new commenting system and continue to send any feedback on what I can do to improve.

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