Using a PowerBlock with a Raspberry Pi

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One of the early design goals that I had for the bartop arcade cabinet was that it needed to be as user-friendly as possible.  To a person using the cabinet, the actual inner workings should be both hidden and non-intrusive.  With a Raspberry Pi, the largest obstacle in the way of that is that in order to power off the … Read More

Keyboard Volume Control with Triggerhappy

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One feature that is common in cabinets is the inclusion of some sort of simple volume control. Some of the examples that I have seen involved simply exposing an amplifiers control panel through the back of the cabinet, custom wiring a mounted control knob, or providing buttons which are mapped to a keypress. The latter is the most alluring to … Read More

Getting Rid of the Raspberry Pi Boot Screen

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Raspberry Pi Logo

One of the purposes of building an arcade cabinet is to “suspend disbelief”.  In other words, even though the cabinet is meant to look like the real thing, it is ultimately just a fancy computer case housing some sort of computer.  When that computer is a Raspberry Pi, it inherits the very Linux roots of Raspbian’s Debian boot screen.  The … Read More